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Oct. 3rd, 2010


Thoughts on culture...

      So, I went to the Greek Festival with my volleyball team last night. As we watched kids our age doing traditional greek dances, I was acutely aware of my own lack of culture. As a non-religious, white American, there's nothing I can really can call "part of my heritage." All holidays that could remotely fall into that category (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) have become such market holidays that they aren't really part of one culture anymore. Because immigrants, when coming to America, tended to adopt English customs, I think of such customs as national, regardless where you came from. There's no traditional garb or song or dance that I feel particularly connected to. Maybe I'm just so used to English culture that it doesn't seem very special anymore. Whee, the waltz, the suit. Englishmen were stiffs.

    I don't know. It's not really a big deal, but I was feeling rather generic.

Sep. 1st, 2010



    A small bird flew into our window today. I watched it ricochet off the glass and land on our back porch. It sat there, befuddled, blinking. I watched it for a few minutes, waiting for it to gather its wits and fly away. But it just sat there, little and yellow and confused. 

    I ran downstairs to grab a box, hoping it would still be there when I returned. Stuffing a dish towel into the container, I ran outside as it started to drizzle. I put on a glove and slowly kneeled beside it. Putting my hand around it, I waited for it to struggle, but it let me scoop it into the box without a sound. 

   I brought the bird back inside and waited for my dad to come home. While making myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I watched the little bird. If it heard a loud noise it would look around, but mostly it would rest with closed eyes. As I began to eat my sandwich, the power went out. The rain came down harder and I was glad we were both inside.

   Dad came home a few minutes later. He fastened some clamps to our porch, under an overhang, and we rested the box on top of them, lashing the box down with a bungee cord. As I got ready for volleyball, he asked, "If it doesn't make it, would you like me to tell you it flew away, or the truth?" 

  The truth, I replied, even though I knew he was kidding. 

   When my parents picked me up, they told me it had flown away after all. I'm glad, even though a part of me says some other calamity will befall it tomorrow. I felt like I had done something that mattered. I hope the bird thinks so too.   

Aug. 31st, 2010

YA grin

Gold Edition


Badges: 0


Capone, Cyndaquil, Lv. 9
Raja, Sentret, Lv. 6
Jasper, Spearow, Lv. 7
Morgan, Caterpie, Lv. 6
Zuzu, Zubat, Lv. 4

   Yes, we're a young squad, but we will do great things! A youth with long, red hair (my rival, Axel) is out being a dick and it's up to us to slap some sense into him. I haven't lost anyone yet and I don't intend to any time soon. LEVEL CRUNCHING TIME.

   Also, if anyone has a nickname suggestion, I'm open to it. I'm bound to run out of ideas soon!

Let's try this again.

   Dang, I suck. Lost Rambo in my battle with May, caught a Roselia, lost her in my battle against Wally, and died while fighting a Psychic. Game Over.

Kirk has not lost hope though. It's back to Johto, where, armed with Capone the Cyndaquil, he faced the challenge again. Professor Elm has a job for him...

Aug. 30th, 2010

YA hug

Fuck yeah, new team member.


Badges: 2


Rambo, Lv. 17 Beautifly
Helga, Lv. 12 Magikarp

and introducing...
MELVIN, Lv. 13 Gulpin

Okay, he is just a giant stomach, but he can actually attack, unlike Helga. PLEASE EVOLVE YOU STUPID FISH. Or at least learn Tackle...

Busted up Team Aqua harassing some engineers. Suckers, beat by a giant butterfly. WHAT NOW?


The body count increases...

R.I.P. Hive Queen. You had so much potenial. And could Cut and Flash. Damn.

   And with only two pokemon, one a useless fish, Kirk enters Slateport City.
horse-drawn carriage

Pokemon has sucked me in, again.

     I've taken on the Nuzlocke challenge guys. For those of you who don't know, the Nuzlocke challenge originated with this webcomic: www.nuzlocke.com/. It consists of two basic rules:

1) If a pokemon faints, you must release it. It has, for all intents and purposes, died.
2) You may only catch one pokemon per area, and it must be the first one you encounter. If you accidentally knock it out or it sucks, too bad.
   The purpose of this is to make the game a little more fun and challenging, as well as to force you to catch pokemon you may not normally want and develop a bond with them. You should nickname all of your pokemon to further the latter goal. 

    I've undergone the challenge in Pokemon Sapphire, as a male trainer named Kirk (because I can). I'm a little ways into the game and I've discovered that I'm a slightly reckless trainer. Sadly, I've already lost four pokemon: Skiver, my Zigzagoon; Maria, my Whismur; Alpha, my Poochyena; and Flamish, my Marshtomp. Yes, I killed my starter. I'm horrible.

    Now I have three pokemon on my team, as well as the first two badges. My pokemon are Hive Queen, the Nincada (lv. 11); Helga, the Magikarp (lv. 9); and Rambo, the Beautifly (lv. 12). I'm outside of Dewford Town, working my way through the Granite Cave to deliver a letter to Steve. I already lost my chance a pokemon when I encounter an Abra. Stupid Teleport.

    Anyway, I'm going to write about my journey, I suppose, because I never post about anything. If you feel so inclined (to procrastinate) feel free to join me and take on the challenge yourself!

Jun. 25th, 2010


East Coast Visit, Day Seven

I've been in New Haven. Leaving for New York tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see some shows!

I've decided to apply to Harvard. The tour and info session really impressed me. But, we'll see whether or not I get in.

On my trip, for the first time, I've 1) gone into a comic book shop/ bought comics, and 2) sat at a bar!

Exciting times :)

Jun. 20th, 2010


East Coast Trip Day 2

Hello LiveJournal, long time no post. As some of you may know, I'm in Cambridge right now. My parents and I are looking at colleges on the east coast. We've just been hanging out so far, but the plan is to visit Tufts tomorrow and take a tour of Harvard the next day (we've been walking around Harvard a lot, but we decided to take an actual tour as well). After that...more colleges, but I don't know the order for sure.

Cambridge is pretty darn cool. Well not literally, it's been hot and humid apart for a thirty-second rainstorm earlier today. But I like the people. You can't go three feet without being a stone's throw from a street musician. Also, at least half of the conversations I overheard were in other languages, which just made me smile.

One of the biggest highlights so far has definitely been the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The animals they have on display will blow your mind. I was pretty much just freaking out the whole time because of how freaking amazing the earth is. It was incredible.

In other news, I finally finished Xenocide, by Orson Scott Card, after reading it for what feels like four months. I also started and finished Ender's Shadow, which was phenomenal. I guess that's what happens when you actually have time on your hands.

Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great start of the summer and a lovely Father's Day. I hope to see everyone sometime this summer!

Mar. 10th, 2010

kiba underwear


My house just got a new dishwasher. Usually I am quite adverse to change, however, I am rather more adverse to washing dishes again after taking them out of the dishwasher. That's just stupid...

I also drove by myself for the third time since I got my license on Monday (the first two times were to and from volleyball practice in the dark and the rain). While I am a functioning driver, I'm not so great at knowing where I am or the general layout of the surrounding area. So, when attempting to get back on an awkward street that starts two-way, but becomes one-way, I ended up driving in boxy zigzags for a while. BUT I FIGURED IT OUT EVENTUALLY.

Also, I am taking the SAT on Saturday.

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